The perfect place for your kids and even you!.
Games have always been on our mind since we all were kids, and how much ever we grow up, given the chance we would always play!
Have a glance at what all we have in store for your fun stay here!


Explore our entertainment zone!

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Children’s play area

The perfect and risk-free place for your children to play and have fun!

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Adventure zone

Bring out the adventurous side in you!
Children always like to have some adventures!


Swimming pool

There’s nothing better than playing water games and cooling off yourself in the swimming pool!


Arcade Zone

Playing Arcade and video games are way more entertaining and fun for the kid in you!


Wonderful place to keep my kids engaged and happy!


Going for an outing is something everyone needs, but when it comes to taking kids along, there’s this always one thought; what will keep them engaged?. I checked out Summer Green Resort’s page and I found the perfect place my kids could be engaged while I have the break I needed. My kids never got bored of playing games there!

Anuradha Reddy

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